Wednesday, November 02, 2005

French Cimande Par Excellence

Guru Gorka Echarri with Cimande Masters

My good friend of many years Guru Gorka Echarri of Biarretz, France is the French Director of the Cimande system of Pencak Silat under the auspices of Persatuan Pendekar Persilatan Seni Budaya Banten in West Java.

The Cimande system is one of most prolific, yet misunderstood systems of Pencak Silat from Java. Wild misconceptions about this art abound, especially in the United States. I admire Guru Echarri for taking the initiative to go directly to the source in Indonesia for the Truth. I invite all French speakers to visit his impressive website at

Gorka is very fluent in English, and I'm sure he would be happy to answer any questions from those seeking knowledge of authentic Cimande and Terumbu as practiced in Indonesia. For the record, let me just say that there is NO "Leader" or "Guru Besar" of all Cimande styles - especially not in the United States. There are various lineages of Cimande from the late Pak Herman Suwanda and others. There is also no single "Superior" or "Legitimate" Cimande style even in Indonesia. Just like any other martial art, there are different interpretations, each with its own merit.

As they say in France, "Vive la diference!"


Anonymous said...

Hi Jeff,
Thanks a lot for this add to your great blog.
I really feel honored and proud to deserve the right to be on your blog. Your comments about my path are really nice and it shows me that I'm on the correct way in the the quest of traditional pencak silat from west Java.
Thanks for everything
and as they say in Indonesia :
"unity in diversity"

guro jeff davidson said...

Salut and Rahayu Mon Frer!

How can I not acknowledge your astounding accomplishments? I look forward to learning more of the Cimande and Terumbu from you.

However, you and I MUST give recognition to the one person who really did so much for us in our mutual pursuit of knowledge...and without whose help, none of this would have been possible.



Anonymous said...

Saudara Jeff,

Sangat senang sekali membaca blog anda. Adalah harapan saya supaya seni beladiri silat sebagai bagian dari budaya bangsa Indonesia dapat juga berkembang dan bertumbuh di luar negeri secara baik dan benar. Acungan jempol untuk jerih payah saudara Gorka yang telah membuahkan hasil yang baik. Anda berikutnya????

Salam persilatan

guro jeff davidson said...

Dengan Hormat & Rahayu Mas Anon',

Insha Allah!

Salam Persilatan

Anonymous said...


You're still the best Cimande in Michigan and I have always been proud to call you my teacher.


Anonymous said...

I'm glad I got to meet Guru Echarri in Michigan a few years back. He's a great guy and a really talented artist and Cimande player. When can we go to France Guru?


guro jeff davidson said...

Maybe sooner than you think, Bobby.

Stay tuned...

Anonymous said...

Hi Bobby, hi Jeff,

You''ll always be welcome for Cimande and Terumbu training (or just for good time) in France.


guro jeff davidson said...


Its freezing here in Michigan. I would KILL to be back on the beaches of Biarritz right now!

I look forward to giving you some good news on Wednesday, Bro.

Salaam Persilatan,

Anonymous said...

Guru Gorka,

I met you a long time ago in Michigan at guru Jeff's old school. I was so happy to see your website and your accomplishments in Silat. Can you please tell us a little about your training in Indonesia with the teachers there?

Terima Kasih,