Tuesday, October 27, 2009

In a Moment...It's Done

Philippine Marines Training in Pekiti-Tirsia

A chilling recollection from Grand Tuhon Gaje:

“I remember the Sgt. of the Force Recon Marines who was challenged in front of the Al Kidas and Abu Sayap in Mindanao to a blade combat . As it started, the enemy with his live Barong was aggressive, with intention to kill the Force Recon Marine.

In the first entry the swing of the barong was met by a diagonal slash cutting the right hand - and instantly - the barong separated from the hand. With instant reaction, the Force Recon Marine followed with another sweeping slash into the left hand, cutting the left wrist. With great feeling of assurance, the Force Recon Marines followed with a strong sweeping slash, cutting the neck and separating the head from the body.

This was witnessed by both the MILF and the Force Recon Marines.”

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Todays Lesson - From Malaysia with Love

"Talk to the Hand"

As I write this, Kuya Doug and Ka Jay are languishing in sunny Florida at the Pekiti-Tirsia 112th Anniversary Celebration/Seminar. I would have been there too, if not for a stupid respiratory infection that (thankfully) I am in the process of beating. Last night, as the wind howled and the cold rain lashed against my windows, they were kind enough to phone in and tell me about what a great time was being had by all. Thanks guys, that made me feel much better.

But at least they’re not having all the fun. This afternoon’s Silat class featured an unexpected visit from a renowned Malaysian Silat teacher/historian who just happened to literally “pop” in just as the students were arriving. And what a terrific class it was! I was able to sit back, coughing and taking notes while my students fired away question after question – and got some very enlightening teachings directly from the source. I am pretty certain this was the first class that he has taught in America, and we are truly honored for his time, patience and effort. Terimah Kasih!

On a related note, we have been studying the venerable Art of Silat Kuntau Tekpi for close to 5 years. The majority of my students have learned at least some parts of SKT and have incorporated this into their Kali training. Nothing wrong there. A select few have actually learned the complete first two levels consisting of 42 buah (“strikeforms”) basic senaman tekpi (tekpi exercises), and pelebat (a training form which teaches fluidity and body mechanics).

Now by popular demand, we will be offering a ‘seminar-series’ dealing with what I consider to be crucial, foundational material in preparation for the serious study of the combative aspects of Silat Melayu – stuff you would probably already know if you had grown up in Malaysia. This material will deal with the theory and application of Petua (Principles of Movement) as relates to breathing, footwork, striking, throwing, locking, and breaking. Anyone can learn a buah, or even copy a technique that they see. However, if you really internalize the principles of movement…if you have the necessary foundation, then application becomes spontaneous and effortless. If you just copy a technique and force it, then you have nothing.

Details will be forthcoming…

Monday, October 12, 2009

The Glory of the Melayu

My friend, comrade-in-arms, blood-brother, and fellow Malay ;) Mohd Nadzrin Wahab put together the following exciting video:

1Silat - Unity in Diversity is a celebration of the warrior spirit that we have inherited from our forefathers. It is a reminder that irrespective of where we come from, what perguruan we affiliate ourselves to, we are brothers and sisters of a system of self-improvement, of empowerment, of social engineering.

It is with that in mind that Silat Melayu Community (SMC) presents this compilation for all, to show that we can stand together and we can succeed if we put our hearts and souls into it. Never forget those who fought long and hard to keep us free, and never forget that in order to be truly free, we need to understand what we need to be free from.

Our thanks to Pop Shuvit for creating a masterpiece of spirit in Marabahaya, which provides the montage track for this compilation. Visit their site here: http://www.popshuvitmusic.com/

Many thanks also to the masters, pesilat and styles that were featured in this video. Your efforts have not gone unnoticed.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Mark Your Calendars

October 23-24, 2009

The Pitbull Brotherhood of the Blade celebrates
the 112th year Anniversary of Pekiti Tirsia Kali system 1897 - 2009
Supreme Grand Tuhon Leo T. Gaje Jr.
This event is supported by Rochester Kali, Detroit Maphilindo, Sask P3 K-9, Nova Kali
and Baltimore Mabagsik PTK.

For more info contact Apolo Ladra 954-319-2938