Tuesday, March 01, 2016

Today's Lesson from: Rabbi Moses Cordovero

"The Essence of Divinity is found in every single thing—nothing but It exists. Since it causes every thing to be, no thing can live by anything else. It enlivens them; its existence exists in each existent.

Don't attribute duality to G-d. Let God be solely God. If you suppose that The Boundless, Infinite Divine emanates until a certain point, and that from that point on is outside of it, you have dualized -  G-d forbid!

Realize, rather, that The Boundless Infinite Divine exists in each existent. Do not say, "This is a stone and not G-d." G-d forbid!

Rather, all existence is G-d, and the stone is a thing pervaded by divinity."

- Moses Cordovero (Shi'ur Qomah, 206b)