Monday, September 03, 2007

Personal Inventory

Some guys are into cars. Some guys are into watches. Me and a few fellows I associate with are into weapons - specifically bladed ones. It helps to have a good lawyer or a doctor in your circle of friends. Lord knows that having a pharmacist in class is great during cold and flu season.

As the leader of an FMA group, it is a special perk of perks to have an in-house Panday. So, over the years we've been operating under a mutually beneficial Blades-In-Exchange-For-Training agreement, which has served us both very well.

Here's the collection so far (it's a bit lighter since Grand Tuhon Gaje's last visit to my home!)
From right:

* The Purple Heron Ginunting
* The Detroit Badik
* The Monkey Paw
* Kerambit 1
* Kerambit 2
* The Oak Park Jambiya
* Various Hardwood fist-loads
* The Maphilindo Stick
* The Pekiti Bowie
* The Anak-Heron
* The Combat Cleaver
* Veneno the Badik
* The Cochisero
* The Aswan (Vampire)
* Detroit Maphilindo Daga

These weapons have all been battle tested and carry my full endorsement. Please see the DETROIT PANDAY link to your right. I know he takes special orders!