Saturday, October 29, 2016

"All Abouth the Blade" Workshop!

Fantastic workshop today in Detroit organized by our Associate Jermaine for the members of his Kali-Silat/Handgun study group.  Jermaine (kneeling) is an NRA-certified pistol instructor as well as a dedicated student of Silat for many years.  It was great to work with his crew of serious (and street-wise!) martial artists.  Thank you Jermaine and friends, and thanks to my students who came by to train and lend a hand.  I'm looking forward to the next workshop!

From Jermaine:

"The 'All About The Blade' seminar had a very productive beginning. I would like to thank everyone for coming and participating, we most definitely learned a great deal of strategies and tactics today and as usual Guro Jeff Davidson was magnificent and detailed in his training. Whether its philosophy of use or just simply teaching a technique he was right on point. If you paid and couldnt make it today we are putting a small catch up course together for your convenience. Once again, thanks!"