Wednesday, February 06, 2008

First Silat Kuntau Tekpi Podcast

Cikgu Omar Hakim

We are pleased to have completed the first (of what we certainly hope will be many) podcasts. In this first episode, I have the pleasure of interviewing the great Pekiti-Tirsia/Silat Melayu practitioner and teacher Omar B. Hakim as he describes his early development in the Southeast Asian martial arts under Tuhon Gaje, and his later experiences in Indonesia and Malaysia. You will hear some fascinating insight into the theory and practice of the Malay fighting arts from Cikgu Omar's unique perspective.

Omar is very highly regarded in Pekiti-Tirsia circles - and deservedly so. I am happy that you guys will be able to benefit from his knowledge via this podcast.

Go to WWW.TEKPI.ORG and follow the NEWS link to the podcast section.