Monday, October 06, 2014

Brotherhood of the Blade Comes to Seattle!

I’ve just returned from a fantastic weekend of training with my dedicated student Jake Burroughs and his group in Seattle.  Jake is an exemplary martial artist in every way, whose impressive personal initiative has led him to seek out and learn from some of the BEST teachers in the Kung-Fu, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and Filipino Martial Arts world. Jake came out to see me here in Detroit earlier this year for some 1-on-1 training, and this past weekend was the first of what we hope will be many workshops for his students in the Pacific Northwest.

At the commencement of our first training session, as I looked out at the eager, smiling faces of his students as they stood ready with their sticks, I offered a caveat: “Guys, I’m telling you right now this is NOT going to be easy…”   So many people practice, teach, and generally regard Kali as a ‘B’-art of tapping and twirling sticks to endless repeating flow-drills.  So few people have actually been exposed to what I call the true beauty and grandeur of Filipino Martial Arts that I myself experienced over 25 years ago when I dedicated myself to this seldom travelled Path.  I wasn’t sure they realized what they were in for…

Well, I took these guys (and girl) in one weekend through material that would typically take me three months to cover with beginning students here in my own school – and they worked hard and diligently through every minute of it!  Invariably when I teach seminars like this, I always notice the point when students ‘cash-out’ mentally from overload.  I’m quite surprised and happy to say that these good folks worked doggedly through everything I gave them with 100% concentration and effort at all times – and then asked for a review on the second day! (at which point I myself was close to cashing out – lol).  Such students are the hallmark of a good Teacher, so kudos to Jake once again.    

To our new group in Seattle: thank you all for a wonderful weekend of training and camaraderie.  I hope there will many, many more to come.  Most of all, thank you for appreciating the true depth and richness of our beloved Art of Kali.


Guro Jeff Davidson
For anyone seeking top-notch martial arts instruction in the Seattle area Jake has my full endorsement.  For more info go to: