Saturday, July 13, 2013

E'riwo Yaaaaa...

Araba Adesanya Awoyade

Saturday afternoon, shortly after 5pm I received word that Pa' Adesanya Awoyade - the Araba of Ode Remo and noble patriarch of Egbe Ifa Ogun'ti joined the Ancestors today at the age of 102.  

On a personal note: Araba Adesanya, the Great, Holy, Luminous, and Revered Sage was my spiritual Father.  He saved my "old" life, long enough for me to make the pilgrimage to his compound in West Africa - where he gave me a new life...and a renewed Destiny.  I am thankful that he has been there to guide and teach me throughout the more than a decade that has followed since my initial journey.  I am thankful that he welcomed and accepted my students who accompanied me on subsequent trips, and who now accompany me in mourning our Baba.

A great sadness overcame me this evening as I set about the task of notifying members of our extended family.  Then, my student 'Abiodun' reminded me of the words to a song that we used to sing years ago in the coolness of the night in Southwest Detroit...

Alagba'lagba ko nfe soro
Ko nfe soro aburo mi
Alagba'lagba ko nfe soro
Ko nfe soro biiya de mi*

The Honored Elder does not want sadness
Oh my kin, He does not want sadness
The Honored Elder does not want sadness
Does not want sadness to give birth to Suffering that shackles us 

*Translated from Yoruba by Jeff Davidson

Friday, July 12, 2013

"Guru's Day 2013"

Baba Medahoci Kofi Omowale Zannu
a Guide, Teacher, and Mentor

July 22, 2013: Guru Purnima

"As a day of remembrance towards all gurus, through whom G-d grants the grace of knowledge to the disciples…

This day is also seen as an occasion when fellow devotees, Guru Bhai (disciple-brother), express their solidarity to one another in their spiritual journey."