Sunday, July 01, 2012

Guru's Day 2012

Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Administrative Assistants’ Day, et al have all come and gone this year.  On this coming July 3rd one very special Day that somehow didn’t make it to the Hallmark schedule will be upon us again: Guru Purnima.  This holiday will be observed in communities throughout Asia and the Diaspora.  Put succinctly:  

“The festival is common to many spiritual traditions in the East, where it is dedicated to the expression of gratitude towards the teacher by his/her disciple. A day of remembrance towards all Teachers, through whom G-d grants the grace of knowledge to the students.”  (Wikipedia)

One of my associates gives the following advice regarding recognizing such a Teacher for those who may be wondering:

“To recognize a true Guru when one sees him (or her) is not easy and there are no rules of thumb. However, certain changes may be expected after the Guru comes into one's life.

If one's mental attitude is being transformed and sense of detachment from ego is increasing, or especially if one's weaknesses are being exposed and one is forced to deal with and overcome them…or if one feels more at peace within oneself…or if one is able to engage in the same actions as previously but with greater detachment from ego, THEN one is likely being influenced by a true Guru.”

I humbly bow in obeisance to the Gurus’, Babas’, Awos’, Syehs’, and Pirs’ who have mercifully guided me and sheltered me with their Knowledge.  May I always be worthy to walk in your shadows.