Wednesday, June 25, 2008

"A Mouth That Turns Into a Knife Will Cut Its Own Lips"

The full discovery of Leku led me to the mysterious world of herbs and magic, secrecy and healing. She was a supernatural being, but not the kind described in the literature. Indeed, no literature then or now has been able to record, capture or analyze the women in Leku’s category. And half of what I later found out I cannot reveal. Each time I feel like revealing the full essence I am tormented by an over-powering feeling of awe and danger. Most of my misfortunes, all my negative feelings, and my anticipation of troubles I attribute to a part of me that desires to reveal what I know about her. Perhaps I will, but not today...not even tomorrow. Nobody tells all he knows.

Toyin Falola
A Mouth Sweeter Than Salt: An African Memoir