Friday, December 20, 2013

So Long 2013!

One Very Happy Memory from 2013 - Training with Ama Guro in Toronto

Well we made it through another year!  And what a year it has been...

- We opened a new school DETROIT KALI SILAT (13939 Michigan Avenue, Dearborn MI)

- We produced a new website

- We welcomed a fine group of beginners to our club

- We welcomed back quite a few old friends from the old days

- We traveled coast-to-coast for seminars with some of the finest martial artists in the world

- We watched our friend, Brother, and mentor - Kuya Doug Marcaida - rise like a meteor in recognition of something we already knew: He's by far one of the best Kali practitioners in our generation!

- We've been able to share the Grace and Beauty of the Southeast Asian martial arts with so many good people this year, it's truly a Blessing (for them and for us).

Next year promises to be even bigger.  If you've been wanting to get involved - come out! If you've been wanting to come back - come back! I personally may be doing less teaching in the coming months as I focus on some larger projects, so grab your sticks, blades, malongs, sibats, tekpis, and get ready to train HARD!

Everyone have a safe and happy Season.  Mabuhay.


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