Tuesday, October 27, 2009

In a Moment...It's Done

Philippine Marines Training in Pekiti-Tirsia

A chilling recollection from Grand Tuhon Gaje:

“I remember the Sgt. of the Force Recon Marines who was challenged in front of the Al Kidas and Abu Sayap in Mindanao to a blade combat . As it started, the enemy with his live Barong was aggressive, with intention to kill the Force Recon Marine.

In the first entry the swing of the barong was met by a diagonal slash cutting the right hand - and instantly - the barong separated from the hand. With instant reaction, the Force Recon Marine followed with another sweeping slash into the left hand, cutting the left wrist. With great feeling of assurance, the Force Recon Marines followed with a strong sweeping slash, cutting the neck and separating the head from the body.

This was witnessed by both the MILF and the Force Recon Marines.”

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