Friday, July 15, 2011


As many of you may not know, today happens to be Guru Purnima which is celebrated by many in the Hindu/Buddhist communities across the world. I don't usually quote wikipedia, but I'll save you the trouble of clicking over there right now with this brief summary:

The relationship between the Guru and the Disciple is considered very sacred. This relationship is purely spiritual in nature and is independent of age of the two. It is based on maturity of Gyan (Spiritual Knowledge) and Shrada (Spiritual Practice). The only awareness that a Disciple should foster is, ‘I should be uplifted spiritually’. The Guru too harbours only one thought, ‘May this Disciple be uplifted’.

So, specific religious overtones aside take some time today and think on this. Of course just like your mother, father, and every other important person in your life, you should always carry a feeling of gratitude and "connection" to your Teacher.

My deepest and most sincere Salutations to all of my Teachers everywhere in gratitude for all you have - and continue - to share. On behalf of my own students...



alla said...

This month I have really been awaiting the full moon, and could not figure out why. Having no prior knowledge of Guru Purnima, yet it turned out to be the reason. Pretty cool.

guro jeff davidson said...

See? What did I tell you about women and sensitivity?

FTP said...

What did I tell you about women and sensitivity?


Do you consider sensitivity in men a strength or a weakness?

guro jeff davidson said...

A strength, to be sure.

Mr. Martial Arts said...

I say it is a strength.