Thursday, July 07, 2011

Even More Class Notes: Silat Melayu

Here are some important questions from last week’s class. If you can answer them, you are well on your way to refining your skill in combat – or you were at least paying attention:

1. Which petua deals specifically with the transfer/release of energy?

2. In sequence, this petua would be […] gerak? (fill in the blank)

3. How does this petua apply to grappling in Silat? Do other forms of grappling – wrestling, jiujitsu, etc - employ this principle?

4. Find this petua (if it exists) in Pekiti-Tirsia:

a. In footwork

b. In a stick drill

c. In a stick disarm

5. Cite a specific buah that clearly emphasizes this petua –hint: it’s the one that puts the opponent “to sleep”.

6. Cite an example of this petua somewhere in nature.

The first person to email me with the correct answers wins a prize!

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guro jeff davidson said...

Question answered. Prize claimed. Thanks everyone who participated, there were some interesting responses!