Saturday, June 12, 2010

A Perfect Metaphor

Someone sent me this photo, saying it was the perfect representation of our Martial Arts practice. I agree. BTW, that is a live cobra (I hope he used a zoom lens).


A Compliment... said...

Mr. Davidson,

I saw a demo performed by you and your students I think 2 years ago in St. Claire Shores. I have been around FMA for a long time although I do not consider myself to be a practitioner. What impressed me about your demo was the level of your students. I know what it looks like to see people doing choreographed drills at high speed with cooperating partners which seems impressive. I really got the feeling that your students were being spontaneous and really knew what they were doing. Instead of a fast flow drill it looked like a combative free-flow in real time. Very nice. It's good for FMA.

guro jeff davidson said...

Thanks for the kind words. I remember that demo. You should see us when everyone is sober.