Thursday, June 03, 2010

True Kali Skills

This is how I really learned the Art of Kali. Of course, I did not study with the great Patato Valdes shown here – but those who know how to watch and listen to this can learn so much about our martial art.

As profound as this is, it is grade-school compared to some of the guys I know in West Africa. The bata players from Oyo not only play their hearts out, they play yours out as well.

That’s Kali.


Finding The Path said...

Interesting post here yet I find myself even more curious to know more about your new blog header pic? Where and why did you find such a photo? In the photo, I find his selection of gear most interesting.


guro jeff davidson said...

Komusta/Apa Kabar Finding the Path,

I hope you like the pic. I kind of see it as "myself" in a previous incarnation, perhaps. I know it sounds strange.

Finding The Path said...

Thank you for your words of welcome and while yes, I quite like your header picture and I find your blog to be a most interesting read....

I find it curious that you would hope that I would like the pic. I don't believe we've ever met, or have we by chance crossed internet paths before and I was unaware?

Most fascinatingly strange.


guro jeff davidson said...


I don't know if we've crossed paths. I keep a low profile.

I said I hoped you like the pic because if you visit my blog, you'll be seeing it...and you should have a pleasant visual experience from my blog!