Monday, November 21, 2005

Got Keris?

Martin with Empu Jeno

Mas Martin Notohardjo is the President/Curator of Pojok Keris Singobarong (Singobarong Keris Corner) in Central Java. It was by Mas Martin’s kind invitation that I was able to learn about the keris and other Indonesian Pusaka in Central Java in September, 2000.

Martin has an extensive network of contacts all over Indonesia. He can locate and acquire virtually any Indonesian weapon (or variations thereof) in any condition, of any era you can think of - with 100% authentication. In some cases, he can even do keris appraisals via digital photograph. If there is anything at all you need to know about the keris, then this is your man.

If you would like information on purchasing keris, keris appraisal, or even locating reputable Silat teachers in Indonesia, email me and I will be happy to forward your request to Mas Martin.

Just to clear up some mis-understanding that I have seen in print, Pojok Keris Singobarong does NOT sell or give keris/pusaka from any Kraton in Java. I say this because some clown has been known to foist faux Kraton items to other clowns, sourcing it back to PKS. Well, it’s not so.

There’s no Easter Bunny either.


Anonymous said...

Guru Davidson,

Its good to be training with you again after such a long time. Do you believe there is a deeper connection between the martial arts of the Philippines, Indonesia, and Malaysia beyond just geography?

I'll hopefully see you in class tomorrow.


guro jeff davidson said...

Glad you're back. Yes, there is a connection beyond geography and beyond the this-style-came-from-that-style theory. The answer will probably surprise you.

I will be discussing these things as class in the next few weeks.