Monday, November 21, 2005


Several interested folks have asked me for more information on Ode Remo (see a few postings back) Well, there is a new book called: Orisa - Yoruba Gods and Spiritual Identity in Africa and the Diaspora (isbn 1-59221-374-x) which contains a paper by Kevin Noel Amherd entitled Ifa Texts: Diversity and Discourse - this is positively the best exposition on the history of Ode Remo that I have seen anywhere in print. One of Kevin's informants is John Abiodun Ogunleye, the martial artist I had the friendly match with as detailed in my "Challenge in West Africa" post.

I met Kevin a few years back in Oakland, Ca. While we may have had slightly differing opinions on martial arts, I applaud him for undertaking such a serious, scholarly examination of Ode Remo from a unique perspective.


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To "Anonymous" from Miami

I decided not to publish your comment here, but I would be happy to make a referral for you. I have emailed you my contact information, call me and we'll see where to go from here.

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