Sunday, February 03, 2013

Silat Melayu Class Notes

The fun and learning just never stop here on Sundays.  What we (hopefully) learned today in Silat Melayu: At the beginners level you learn the all the buah from a fixed frame of reference – the straight, thrusting feed. 

Now, at the more advanced level when you are putting combinations together (pecahan) there will be feeds from many different angles.  Instead of trying to match a buah to a particular feed (slash, thrust, etc.), use the tangkisan to maneuver the opponent’s attack into whatever kuncian is appropriate.  Ta-dah!   

Today’s featured buah:

Panglima Kiri
Jerai Menumpang
Kepak Belalang
Puter Tali

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Anonymous said...

Great class Guro. I especially like the feeling of both my shoulders being torn out of their sockets while at the same time every sinew between my knee ankle is being horribly twisted. Bravo!