Monday, April 23, 2012

Coming Home

Guro Davidson,

It’s really great to be back as a returning student.  14 years is way too long to be gone, but we have to go where Life takes us and Life sometimes brings us back to where we need to be.  Amongst all the new faces in class I see a few familiar ones and it’s absolutely amazing to see how much everyone has improved. Wish I could say the same for myself, but on the other hand I’m very excited to have some new goals to shoot for in my martial arts development.

Almost everything about the training is so different, besides the last time I saw you your beard was red and now it’s grey.  Everything from the material, to the way you teach, to the students themselves is on a much higher level than I remember.  The group is so “tight” and so much more supportive than I remember.  What would you say is main factor (if there is one) that pushed everything forward so much since I last had the pleasure of training with you in the 90’s?




Welcome back!  The door always remains open for the right people.  It’s difficult to condense or summarize the past decade other than to say it has been a monumental journey of Introspection, Discovery, and Refinement – you know…those certain “incidentals” that are supposed to be the Foundation of your lifetime development.  One thing that never changes is our desire to grow…to get better…to leave the comfort zone and be challenged.  And to seek out those who can take you there.

If you open this link you will see the Great Ones that have guided us this far.  Each picture is truly worth more than a thousand words to tell the story of how and why we train the way that we do today.  The lessons, the teachings, the responsibility, and the standards are theirs.  The shortcomings are our own.

It’s not an easy Path, and a lot of people can’t understand it.  But then, appealing to the masses has never been a priority with us. So, as I believe I told you 14 years ago: all you have to do is set your sights on your Goal, and then decide how hard you are willing to work to attain It.  We’ll take care of the rest, G-d Willing.



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Anonymous said...

Hi Guro,

I'm a returning student since two weeks ago but I agree with everything Keith says about your group Mabuhay