Saturday, December 18, 2010

Guro's Public Service Announcement

I want to speak out about an addiction that I have seen sweep through the ranks of even my own students throughout the past few years. It is an addiction so insidious, so dominating, so all-pervasive that if you allow yourself to indulge – even ONE TIME – you run the risk of acquiring a habit that will most likely consume a good part of your spare time and disposable income, not to mention the inevitable risks to your physical and mental well-being.

I have seen it strain relationships. I have seen it ruin friendships. I have seen it affect work and school. It’s often been glamorized in the media. The poor souls who are caught in its clutches often rationalize that it’s merely “recreational”, but that’s just a smoke screen for the terrible reality…

I have seen it among almost every group of FMA practitioners. I have seen it in Baltimore; I have seen it in Texas; I have seen it in New York; I have seen it in Detroit (of course); and OH YES I have seen it in the Philippines. Even now as I write this, one of my newer students – a bright, young, well-educated man, just married – has embraced the habit. And I realize that I am ultimately responsible.

I will be silent no more. In my next post I will bring this demon to light.

May God protect us.

To be continued...

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