Friday, August 21, 2009

Detroit Meets Texas

I am not the best writer or speaker but I would like to share briefly what happened this past weekend here in San Antonio in regards to our training group. This past weekend our pekiti group here in San Antonio had the pleasure of meeting for the first time our brothers from Michigan for what turned out to be a great time had by all. Ka Jeff and the Maphilindo clan made their way to the Lonestar state to share with us and for us to share with them.

As far as the training goes, it goes without saying that it was second to none, but the friendships and the bonds that were made during this trip are truly ones that I think will be long lasting. Kuya Ricky Rillera and Robert Slomkowski came out to play and Detroit got to experience the broken energy that we practice down here in San Antonio. Robert on day one taught an hour or two on the principles of broken energy and demonstrated how it can be applied in drills as well as in sparring. We also got a glimpse of Detroit Tekpi that blew all of our minds collectively.

Day's two and three had so much information that my head is still spinning and it also gave our group here enough info to keep us busy for months to come. Initially I was a bit intimidated by having our brothers from Detroit in because me, as well as Kuya Robert thought that we didn't have too much to offer past the basics, but we were glad to hear that our brothers from Michigan got their expectations met and left Texas happy.

Saturday night was great we did a bit of sight seeing on our historical Riverwalk (Sorry Guys) and I remember Ka Jeff asking me for a knife so that he could cut his clothes off of him due to the sweltering Texas heat that was terrorizing the Maphilindos. We ended the night with a couple of cold beers and great laughs and conversation. Ka Jeff thank you so much for taking the time to come see us and to introduce us to our other brothers. Jay, Jeff, Basaam, and Damon, thanks so much for your patience in dealing with me. I really hope you guys had a blast here with us, and I cannot wait to see you guys again....maybe next time in Michigan in the winter.

Ka Jeff, the next time you see me I promise to be more lazy! Much love to you guys, and lets not make it too long before we kick it again.

- Lakan Guro Doug Marsh, San Antonio


Anonymous said...

What is Detroit Tekpi?

guro jeff davidson said...

It's Tekpi with a spirit of brooding nihilism well suited to a post-apocalyptic wasteland. You know...