Wednesday, October 15, 2008

A Rave Review

Here I am stealing a post from our own private forum. One student's feeling's on the recent Gathering in New York:

Hey everyone, just wanted to share a thought about the gathering. My start in PTK began with touring a couple of the other seminars with my buddy Anthony. But it wasn't doing it for us, then we found Kuya Doug. I bring this up for a reason. Watching Tuhon at the gathering was awesome, he was demonstrating at top form and looked as slick and deadly as i've seen from him yet! If you have been to other seminara, you may have noticed the difference. There's a lot of drills and Tuhon is more reserved. Now i'm not downing any other group but I just want to point out what we got from him was a privilege. I think the personality and spirit of the Brotherhood brings out a certain side of Tuhon that not every PTK student gets to experience! The attitude of the Brotherhood seemed to open up a window into just how amazing of an instructor and practitioner Tuhon is. So thanks to the leadership and students that inspired Tuhon to share his best with us. I look forward to seeing you all again and can't wait to see what we can pull out of Tuhon next time!


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