Monday, July 24, 2006

Get 'Yer Guns!

Rommel Tortal Covers Guro Jun at the PNP Training Headquarters
Photo by Jeff Davidson

As a TRUE combat system, Pekiti Tirsia has an extensive firearms/tactical shooting/pistolcraft curriculum in place since the 1970's - once again putting GT Gaje far ahead of the curve in terms of realistic martial combatives. It was after all Tuhon Gaje that opened the eyes of many in the Law Enforcement community to the dangers of edged weapons in the legendary Surviving Edged Weapons film. Well, he’s as crafty with a pistol as he is with a ginunting.

As a matter of record, the pre-Marcos Philippines was as much a gun culture as a knife culture. It is therefore not surprising that the Filipinos developed sophisticated systems of personal combat focusing on the pistol as a necessary and pragmatic complement to their bladed arts. And in case you hadn’t noticed, guns happen to come into play during many crimes committed here in our land.

Earlier this year, we had the privilege of learning Pekiti Tirsia’s unique GUN SEGUIDAS directly from Tuhon Gaje during a SWAT seminar in Rochester, New York. In February, we learned the Batangas style of gun fighting as was common on the streets of Lipa City in the turbulent pre-Marcos days. Judging from the tales that our Tito Jun related, the streets of Batangas back then made the ‘67 riots in Detroit look like a tipsy gay-pride parade in Ann Arbor.

We take the concept of self-defense very seriously. Although the discipline of Kali is most certainly a bladed Art, the fact remains that blades can be legally prohibitive to carry on one’s person. Pistols are as tactically viable as blades in most close quarter combative situations, and in many cases are more legally viable than knives. Luckily for us, Michigan is a “shall issue” State with regards to concealed weapons permits, meaning that unless you’re a convicted felon - or nuts - you can carry a pistol almost anywhere. I encourage you all to take full advantage of this while you can. Instead of getting that silly plasma screen TV, get a good handgun and learn how to apply your Kali training to this weapon. It will serve you in good stead.

Over the past few years, many of the Detroit Maphilindo Pitbulls have in fact become avid ‘gunners’. So it is with great pleasure that we will be adding a TACTICAL PISTOLCRAFT module to our gameplan beginning in the fall, under the direction of Cpl. Ungyo - who is a seasoned Patrol Officer, SWAT Operator, and Certified Assistant Instructor in our much-in-demand Edged/Impact Weapons Defensive Tactics for Law Enforcement program.

The first class(es) will be presented in seminar format. The dates will be announced in class. You will need: eye protection, a training gun (either a red gun or an airsoft pistol), holster, and street clothes. Email me for further details.

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