Saturday, October 30, 2010

Batangas Knife Part 3: It's Game Time

Thanks to everyone who was kind enough to email me "Finish the goddamm story already!" Be patient. Jeez, do you think I just sit around and blog all day? I'm doing this in my spare time. Anyway, we only have a few posts left. Now things really start to get interesting.

I led the way out of the main gym, and managed to find a small unused space adjacent to the training area. While I searched for the light switch, Tito Jun crossed to the center of the room. After a minute or two I gave up looking for the switch, and walked over to where he was standing. There was column of light coming in from the hallway, and it was just enough.

I had absolutely no idea what to expect at this point. A private conversation? Tito Jun nodded and said “Ok take out your knife.” I took my wooden training knife from my belt, and then realized that I hadn’t brought another trainer for him to use, but I didn’t want to break the flow of the moment and leave the area. As I scanned the room for anything that could remotely serve as a substitute, I noticed that Tito Jun already had a blade in his hand, and it wasn’t a training knife.

I hadn’t seen him draw it. In retrospect, he most likely had it in his hand the whole time we had been talking. It was not fancy, nor anything that looked like an FMA blade. It was just a slim, sharp, non-reflective steel folder.

“I can’t do all those fancy moves that you and Douglas and Jay are doing, ka Jeff. I don’t know any drills, and I don’t dance with a knife.” And then, there was that look again.

“If I’m coming for you, do you think that I will give you a chance to fight back?”

It was obviously a rhetorical question. As he closed toward me, he invited an attack by leaving his hands down at his sides.

I thought “Oh, it’s game time is it?”

more to come...


Anonymous said...

The folder was a discontinued Emerson "Commander".

guro jeff davidson said...

Ah, ok. Thank you for the clarification!

Anonymous said...

Get back to writing please. All this interuptus is giving me blue balls. Don't leave us hanging!

guro jeff davidson said...

Sorry about the bb's. In that case say a little prayer that I find the memory card where i saved the rest of this story.