Saturday, April 23, 2011

Perspectives on Silat pt 3

Taqwa will cultivate a true sense of serenity and tranquility. One will have no fear towards any other being in the world. Absence of fear combined with proper and compassionate action, based on the true teaching and practice of your spiritual Faith. One will have aspiration only to God. Truly and fully relying on God is tawakkal. Tawakkal must come with proper physical and spiritual action that is based on the discipline of ‘submission’ to the Lord of All Worlds.

In truth learning silat is actually an act of admitting our weaknesses, an effort in controlling ourselves physically and mentally and it is a way to train our physical body to obey tawakkal - full reliance to the Divine. It is actually among our religious obligations to learn and master the way of self-defense, thus utilizing it with proper manner. Silat – or any martial art - itself can never be the ultimate goal in our life. It is one among many tools of knowledge that can be utilized for a holy purpose.

Don't allow yourself to become obsessed with “fighting” but rather allow yourself to completely be submerged into following the path of the Divine. This is the true teaching and practice of our Faith.


Anonymous said...

I enjoyed these posts and learned a lot from them. Its very deep wisdom. Thank you Guro.

Unknown said...

Great article Guru.