Monday, April 18, 2011

Perspectives on Silat pt 2

According to our Faith, learning self defense is among the practices of the Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) and his companions (ra.hum). It is essential for a pious man to be able to protect himself, his family, his possessions, and land from any threat from any kind of enemies, seen or unseen. So it is a religious obligation to put sufficient effort into assuring the safety of all in our environment. As a follower of The Way, let this be the only pure intention in learning Silat. This would be the very basic effort in making sure our intentions will not be clouded by bad inclinations. As murids, we learn Silat not to perfect our martial skill but to complete the practice of our Faith, and thus elevate ourselves as servants of God.

Previously I use the word mentally instead of spiritually because there is only one element that can be used to control the spiritual, and that is the study and practice of Piety. Among the most important aspect of Faith that must be acquired by all is Taqwa. Which means fearing only God, and by fulfilling all His commandments with hope towards His (swt) Mercy. Taqwa is important so that we can ensure our physical and spiritual action is correct and on the straight path. Taqwa will prevent us from making physical and spiritual mistakes or deliberate sins, because from taqwa one will fully obey God.

to be continued...


Anonymous said...

what a contrast tot he other art you practice which is PTK I believe? Who's belief from it's Master is about no self defense but offense? No self control but instead about self expression by attacking? I like this silat mentality better.

Anonymous said...

Simple, sublime, and TRUE

guro jeff davidson said...

Thanks for commenting. I’ve received a lot of nice feedback about this post.

Please keep in mind that this is still the perspective of (at least) one guru Silat, and I happen to agree with it. On the other hand, you will find just as many “teachers” – mostly outside of Malaysia/Indonesia – who will go on about how their silat is “the deadliest art on the whole planet” etc. ad nauseam. All I say is “Consider the Source”!

To wit: As far as PTK, its theory and principles are based largely on the life history and experiences of its Founder. If you examine those experiences, and his incredible life history in general you can understand why he holds by those principles, and we who have not had to endure such a path are certainly in no position to judge. In fact, if there is *anyone* who can make a claim about being “one of the deadliest on the planet” and be taken even remotely seriously, it’s him (I never heard him claim that, btw).

Nonetheless, I understand where you are coming from. I find that I have come to be rather disgusted with those who promote and those who seek out that “deadliest” mentality.