Saturday, April 16, 2011

Perspectives on Silat pt 1

In the coming posts, I'd like to share (with minimal editing) a teaching prepared especially for my students (at my request) by my good friend Ustaz Saiful Muhammad of Malaysia. Read, discuss, enjoy! - JD

Silat is an art of control. Not to control others but to control oneself physically and mentally. When one master the art of controlling oneself, the need to protect oneself when facing enemy will seem like one is controlling the fight and the enemy. Actually one is controlling oneself so perfect that one's body will not be harmed in any way by the threat that been delivered. It is not a skill of controlling others but it is an interpretation of self control.

Learning and mastering Silat is actually to realize and accept one’s weaknesses and embrace it so that it can be use to the advantage. We learn how to make specific movements to protect our weak parts of the body. We are forced to master weaponry skill to face against enemy with more strength or with weapon. If we are so strong and mighty, we don't have to put so much effort in learning special skill to protect ourselves. Just let the enemy come and attack that can do no harm to our strong and impenetrable defense. So in truth we learn any self defense techniques or Silat out of our obvious weaknesses.

to be continued...

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