Saturday, February 24, 2007

So...Who Else Does Pekiti Tirsia?

I would like to welcome my Brother, Doug Marcaida and his students back from their recent training in the Philippines with Grand Tuhon Gaje. Doug and Tuhon are pictured above with a cadre from the Special Action Force of the Philippine National Police. I had the pleaseure of meeting and training with these brave men, as well as their comrades-in -arms, the Philippine Force Recon Marines just about two years ago this very month.

Prior to Kuya Doug's arrival, Tuhon was typically busy training the elite GS-9 Commandos, who accompanied their 'local' instructor Uli Weidle to the Philippines for advanced training in Edged Weapons skills.

Also, in a very short time, Tuhon Gaje and his nephew Rommel will be teaching the entire Philippine Marine Corp.

Here on the homefront, my students and I have trained yet another suburban Detroit police department in Edged Weapons Defensive Tactics - in the very program designed by yours truly - thanks go to "The Wookie" and Cpl. Ungyo for assisiting me.

So, while the majority of FMAer's are doing their drills in the parks and dojos and arguing on the internet over who's style is better, and blah blah blah - we are busy teaching and training with the folks who actually LIVE this game!

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Anonymous said...

"The Wookie"- I love it!

I'm always glad to be a part of the verification of this survival system. Our methods are tested in the proving grounds of reality.