Monday, June 16, 2014

The 'Axe' of Detroit Kali-Silat

Hassan Mansour - Representative for Lebanon

Kru (Teacher) Hassan “Axe” Mansour is a highly respected fighter, teacher, and trainer in the disciplines of Muay Thai, Muay Chaiya, and Muay Boran.  He has fought all over the world, and was the 2011 Muay Thai Champion of the Middle East.  He trained extensively in Thailand, and that’s also where he tested and received his teaching credentials.  Here at home, between teaching Muay Thai to adults and children, his practice as a licensed Massage Therapist, and numerous VIP Security assignments, he continues to train brutally hard, and is without a doubt one of the sheer toughest fighters I personally have seen in 20 years.  

In 2013, Kru Hassan joined The Detroit Kali-Silat Academy as one of the first new students in our newly established school in Dearborn, Michigan.  He refused any and all deference from us with respect to his rank in Muay Thai “I’m just a beginner like any other beginner” he would insist.  But Kru Hassan was not an ‘ordinary’ beginner.  He immersed himself in Kali-Silat training with a true passion.  Attending every class, practicing between sessions, asking the assistant instructors for extra attention at every opportunity, refining his technique.  He even strongly encouraged his own students and stable of fighters to train in Kali-Silat as well.  Within 3 months or so, he was already training on the “other side of the room” with our advanced students.  

Kru Hassan has more than earned the respect of the Teachers and students of The Detroit Kali-Silat Academy.  It gives us great pleasure to now officially appoint him as our Representative in his home country of Lebanon.  He will henceforth be organizing and promoting Kali-Silat training there with our blessing.  We are quite confident that his program will flourish.

Congratulations to Kru Hassan “Axe” Mansour.  Mabuhay!

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