Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Some Rave Reviews from Recent Brotherhood Gathering!

"The generosity and openness of The Brotherhood never ceases to impress me. Training with you guys is nothing short of an honor for me. This trip to Baltimore and Virginia this past weekend has shown me that it's the passion for learning that allows us to grow into great martial artists, but even more importantly, great people. Thank you all."

- Brendan Hanson

"This past weekend was a blast! It was truly a pleasure training with our brothers and sisters in MD and VA, building new friendships, and strengthening old ones. As this was my first time training in the Baltimore area, I was a little anxious at first but the feeling quickly passed. Thanks everyone for welcoming a newcomer with open arms, minds, and hearts. I must also confess, I'm jealous of the easy access to such phenomenal food down there, I guess that means I'll be back soon. Safe journeys everyone!"

- Jonathan Rebhahn

"Honestly, not enough can be said about the Brotherhood. We really have such a special community here, both in general, and especially within the martial arts world. For us to be a part of an open arms group, that spans many arts, is inclusive of all others, stresses uniqueness over conformity, and is willing to change for the sake of the evolution of the art, is something you're hard pressed to find in a world full of traditionalists and egoists. I was fortunate to come into the fold a little over 6 years ago, and that time allowed me to really watch this group as it grew. I've seen thought processes, people, attitudes, relationships, and the size of our community all change, and all for the better. All those memories and feelings came back to bear this weekend. Finding the new minds to touch with the arts, and going back to train with the old family members that have come to mean so much to me, really sent home the truth of what this Brotherhood is really about. There are many martial artists in the world, but every time we have a get-together, I can't think of another group I would rather be a part of. To all the people I know, until we train again. To all the people I just met, thank you for the experience, and I hope you continue to train with us. And, to all the people I have yet to meet, I look forward to both sharing and learning from you. Let's keep the Brotherhood strong. Until next time, folks!"

- Ali J. Ahmed

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