Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mother's Day!

 Iyansan o ro nle*
O ro nle
Iyansan o ro nle mi’Oya
Obibni aye wu
Mbo kole ‘ya
Bembe ara wa, Ayiloda, bembe ara wa
Oya mesan e nu
O le le
Ase ke ‘se
Aya aro bo
Aya ara bo

Oh Mother of Nine, you gush into the house
You gush into the house
Oh Mother of Nine you gush into the house, breath of the Tearer
Foremost among Women who swells the World
Come not to burst the Home
Stoutness of Thunder comes, Revolver who twists to create, Stoutness of the Revolver who twists to create
Tearer of Nine, you clean
She is strong and capable
Homage finds homage, authority hails authority
The Wife of Thunder arrives
The Wife of Thunder arrives

* Translated from Yoruba by Jeff Davidson.  Dedicated with Love and Respect to my Mother.


Anonymous said...

Powerful words.


Lori said...

I agree.