Monday, June 20, 2011


I want to say that I really appreciate the patience of the 3-4 people who actually read this blog on a regular basis. In response to a lot of kind feedback and encouragement from you guys - and one student in particular - I have decided to write an actual book featuring material along the same lines of The Balisong Journal.

So, The Balisong Journal will stay online and i will update it, but I am putting a lot of energy behind the 'new' project. I welcome all of your thoughts and suggestions either by comment here or by private email.

Please stay tuned for details...




Anonymous said...

Guro are you writing an instructional book?


guro jeff davidson said...


A couple years ago I read an old, out-of-print autobiography of an obscure British rock musician who came on the scene in England with guys like John Mayall and the Yardbirds. That particular book made such an impression on me that I thought "If I ever write a martial arts book, I want it to be like THIS"

If you enjoy reading this blog for whatever reason, I think you'll like the Book.

Mohd Nadzrin Wahab said...

Salam hormat brother,

I'll be the first to buy it!

Salam persilatan,