Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Belated Father's Day

Proud Dad and Daughter

I am horribly remiss in that I have allowed Father’s Day to come and go without saluting all the dedicated, hard-working, devoted, loving, and self-sacrificing Fathers out there. MABUHAY to all the Dads everywhere – and that includes so-called “step-dads”, Grandfathers, and any Elder man who may have played that role in your life. It is indeed a terrible thing to have a Void where the Father should have been.

In 25 years of teaching Martial Arts, I can attest that so many people are in truth searching for that Father when they come into your training hall.

As demographics would have it, there are more ‘Dads’ among the ranks of my students - some old(er), some new(er) – than there are single guys (sorry ladies!) Each one to a man would tell you how much training in the Martial Arts has made him stronger, more courageous, more flexible, and in every way better prepared to confront the awesome and terrifying responsibility of Fatherhood.

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