Thursday, January 20, 2011

New Logo is Here!

Brotherhood of the Blade Logo 2011

It’s not only the website that has a new look for 2011. Our own Kuya Doug Marcaida , after months of painstaking work has finally put the finishing touches on the official new logo of The Brotherhood of the Blade. So far the new design has met with rave reviews from students and supporters alike. Word has it that this very image has already been uploaded onto cell phones, screensavers, and profile pics across the cyber-sphere.

It is possible that those unfamiliar with the Brotherhood of the Blade may get the wrong impression or otherwise misinterpret the logo, so we thought some clarification may be in order.

The Brotherhood of the Blade is all about martial arts, but it is not about fighting. Obviously, martial artists love to fight; a big part of the problem is they don’t know when to stop. You see, fighting is no challenge. The REAL challenge is getting along with other people in a noble way…in a way that fosters Respect and Loyalty, instead of back-biting and contention.

Kuya Doug, Ka Jay, and I all know what an absolutely miserable experience it is to part of a dysfunctional Martial Arts organization. We created the Brotherhood of the Blade to be all the positive things we wanted for ourselves and our students. The only ranks and titles belong to our Teachers – Ama Guro Jun De Leon, Tuhon Leo T Gaje Jr., and Manong Leon Saludo. Respect is for everyone.

We have never been in competition with any other “branch” of any System. We respect everyone. Those who support our efforts, we support in return. Thos who don’t – we simply choose to ignore with no hard feelings (I promise!) Anyone who displays honor, respect, a passion for learning Kali, and is willing to be supportive of the group is able to join us. Just remember, you have to prove it first.

Our only agenda is to refine and grow. And most important of all – we have a lot of fun doing it!

And now the explanation of the logo from someone who really understands our purpose:

The logo design of expression, there are several meanings to it.

The three hands are of the three main Elders of The Brotherhood whom we never forget. Also the Three original founding members who started it - but mostly it shows the hands supporting each other...that support is what Brotherhood is about.

It forms a triangle, the geometric pattern found in FMA, the most solid shape, the most solid foundation. In numbers there is strength and in a pattern where they can lean on each other for support. The hands extend to hold the weapons, which are the basis of our Passion. We are a Blade-based art.

The background is taken from the Philippine flag. The Sun’s rays of illumination of something that is positive and good. It shines upon a brotherhood to show a glow of good things - a fellowship like this is about shining because of the good it does.

We do not compete with against each other; we help and support each other. The points of the rays explode outward. The patterns of movement are infinite…


Kristoffer Sundh said...

Real nice logo and philosophy... I like the way you approach your life and the people you meet.

Wish you a great days...

Gumagalang Ng Lubos

guro jeff davidson said...

Thanks Kriss!

FTP said...

From that I've read here about the Brotherhood of the Blade,...I'd certainly say that the logo has sharply captured the very essence of the BoTB.

Kudos to Kuya Doug Marcaida on a very fine logo design.

guro jeff davidson said...

Thanks FTP. What do you think of the website?

FTP said...

In my humble opinion,... my hat off to your friend who did the overhaul of your site, rather eye catching, inspiring and brilliant looking I'd say. It now has a fine sharp edged contemporary look and feel about it. Congrats!

guro jeff davidson said...

Thanks for the feedback. Glad you like it. Btw, if you want to send me an email I'll add you to our mailing list.