Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Get Your CCW!

Currently in the City of Detroit there is a lot of talk about classes for "Conflict Resolution". Fortunately, we already offer some excellent classes for resolving conflicts through the medium of edged weapons, impact weapons, and empty-hand close quarter fighting.

Now, we are pleased to offer a complete course for obtaining your Michigan CCW/CPL! The course is taught by a long-time member of our Pekiti-Tirsia club who is also a veteran Detroit Police Officer and Certified NRA Instructor. The fee is $150.00 and covers:

- Selecting/buying the appropriate pistol for your needs
- Basic pistol safety
- Shooting Fundamentals
- Materials and Range Time
- One-on-one instruction
- Discounts for groups and seniors

Unlike our other courses, this instruction is open to the public, and offered independantly from our other programs. Email me privately and I will forward your contact information to the instructor.


T.C. said...

Panday is with DPD? Can I get the license from the last class he gave?

guro jeff davidson said...

It's not Panday - he teaches the 'advanced' seminar.

Anonymous said...

That picture must be from the "what not to do with a knife" course. I mean from our stand point of protecting ourselves with edge weapons, the bad guy is drawing his gun and the knifer is still a quite a distance away!

Terrible footwork! And he's holding that "mini sword" in pakal! Sheesh! Talk about limiting the length of the weapon. And his Alive hand is just down there doing nothing! I can't stand such bad knife fighting Tactics! AAAAARrrrgh!!!!

Yes I want to sign up for your Edge Weapons Course so I won't make the same mistakes against those gun wielding thugs!

Kuya D

DOCE said...

Hey 'Kuya D' - the guy with the knife is HIGHLY trained in my METHODOS!

IRTBrian said...

Glad to see you are moving in this direction!

guro jeff davidson said...

We've been moving in this direction since years ago. Tactical pistol has been a part of our syllabus for some time now.