Monday, May 01, 2006

Legends of Kali II Seminar

Grand Tuhon Gaje & Guro Jun De Leon


Just a few adjectives to describe the utterly sensational weekend in Rochester, New York that we had the honor of attending! What could be better than a full weekend of Kali training with Supreme Grand Tuhon Leo Gaje Jr. of Pekiti Tirsia - and Guro Jun De Leon of Kali De Leon?!?!?!

Our legs are dead from the endless footwork; our hands are torn with blisters and bruises; our sticks have been beaten to shreds; and our minds have shorted out from the overload of fighting knowledge imparted by these two living Legends of the Filipino martial arts. Tuhon Gaje broke and twisted us beyond recognition with Dumog and Pangamut, only to then puncture us with his Kol De Mama Daga double knife techniques. Guro Jun took us to the outer limits with the blazing speed and precision of his Largo Mano.

Capable support staff included Guro Doug Marcaida and Guro Burton De Souza of Toronto who thankfully translated the language of the Gods to words that us mere mortals could understand. It is a rare thing indeed to have the opportunity to share so much practice, wisdom and Brotherhood with such a dedicated group of practitioners who live and breathe their beloved Art.


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Buddy Acenas said...

Tuhon Gaje and Guro Jun are indeed truly amazing. I've also been fortunate to have seen the two in action. True masters of FMA :)