Monday, May 30, 2005


I get a lot of emails every week from different parts of the country. I try my best to answer questions with a line or two of response - but time is at a premium these days, so I thought I would post answers to the most frequently asked questions here. The questions are in itallics, my responses are in standard face type.

What is ‘Maphilindo?’ Is it different from Pekiti? Is it the same as Dan Inosanto’s blend of Silat?

We are a Pekiti Tirsia group first and foremost. Tuhon Gaje gave us the appellation “Maphilindo Pitbulls” as he has charged us with the responsibility of researching the Malaysian and Indonesian currents that flow with the Filipino fighting systems. It is not the Inosanto blend of Silat. The term ‘Maphilindo’ was coined in the ‘60's as the name of a pact (like NATO) of Southeast Asian nations.

Since you study directly with Tuhon Gaje, why do you seek out other teachers of Pekiti Tirsia to train with?

I am convinced that no one person has ever/can ever learn everything Tuhon Gaje has to teach. In my experience, Tuhon gives different “gifts” to different students, each according to his own ability. Training with other Pekiti Elders such as Doug Marcaida, Ricky Rillera, Robert Slomkowski, and Omar Hakim has helped me to understand and refine what Tuhon has given to me.

Are there any other systems of FMA that you recommend as a compliment to Pekiti Tirsia?

I am less concerned with systems and more concerned with teachers. In my opinion, one of the most remarkable FMA teachers I have had the pleasure of meeting is Guro Jun DeLeon of Toronto, Canada - who happens to be a close compadre of Tuhon Gaje. Guro Jun is simply the best FMA teacher I have seen in this part of the world . Even more impressive, every student of his that I have met is a top-notch technician.

What specific African martial arts have you studied? Can you tell me more about them? Where is this village of Ode Remo where you went to learn African martial arts?

I have studied Gidigbo and Jakadi. I am planning an in-depth article on West African martial arts in the near future...time permitting. The town of Ode Remo is in Ogun State, Southwest Nigeria near Sagamu. If you can’t find it on the map, look for ‘Ijebu Remo.’

I understand you work with oncology patients and maintain a natural healing practice. Can you recommend a cure/therapy for X?

No. I am not a licensed physician and therefore I do not diagnose, treat or prescribe medicines for any illness. Rather, I can suggest certain things that are historically documented (going back as far as Hakim Ibn Sina’s Cannon of Medicine) to assist in balancing the body’s natural energies toward restoring a state of balance. I also have a network of acupuncturists, chiropractors, and practitioners of complimentary healing modalities that I can make referrals to.

There are no Pekiti Tirsia teachers in my should I best study this system?

You should find the nearest Pekiti group to you, and make arrangements to train at least once a month. There are few Pekiti teachers that I know who would not go out of their way to accommodate you. The more serious you demonstrate yourself to be, the more doors may open. Tim Waid at can help you locate someone close to you. Also, try to attend at least 2 Tuhon Gaje seminars per year.

Will you refer me to a martial arts/spiritual teacher in my area?

I will gladly make recommendations to instructors that have a public teaching practice. Please understand that I will not refer someone who I do not vouch for personally to a private teacher.


Anonymous said...

Here's another question for you, Mr. Davidson...what was it like training with Rommel Tortal?

guro jeff davidson said...

I have to admit your question is original. What can I say? The guy reminds me of a cobra. The only person other than Rommel that I have seen who can go balls-out with Tuhon is Philip Gelinas. Rommel is a super athlete with top notch fighting skill (he graduated from the most difficult of all the Philippine Special Forces courses,) a great teacher, and a really great guy to hang out with.

Just be warned that if he decides to teach you anything, he'll work you 'till you feel like you're about to drop dead.

Anonymous said...

And perhaps you can tell us what ie was like training with Rudy TerLindon?

guro jeff davidson said...

Ah, no actually.

Anonymous said...

Sworn to secrecy were you?

Anonymous said...

Oye mi 'mano! Descansaste? Vamo a tocar a la fin de la semana en Clark Park...


guro jeff davidson said...

Que tal 'cobio? Para mi, no hay que descansar! Hay que tocar! Bueno, te veo alli...

Somos o no somos?!?!?!??!?!?!?