Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Seminar Review!

Guru Jeff Danuloff, Kirk Rodrigues, Guru Jeff Davidson
My name is Kirk Rodrigues, I represent “Warparty Tradecraft”.  We practice the sport and art of “Apache” knife fighting.  Apache knife fighting takes components of several different martial arts: the knife skills of Kali, the footwork and body movement of boxing, the strategies of point sparring and combines them for competitive sport application.

We practice many Kali knife drills for skill but as competitors, we have found many of the drills do not mesh well in high speed sparring. We have found that drills and sparring are often times, two very different animals. As a coach, it is my responsibility to push my team to be the very best they can be. Although it is a side factor, our goal is not for self defense but rather for performance.

We compete in a charity event every November called “Kick the Crap Out of Cancer”. The event showcases knife and stick fighting and competitors come from all over.

To give my team an egde on the competition, I wanted to bridge the gap between drills and sparring, by bringing in members of the Brotherhood of the Blade Guru Jeff Davidson and assistant Guru Jeff Danuloff, who specialize in tactical knife applications.

They were great company and are always welcome in my home.  I brought them with me to see a typical Friday night, training at multiple gyms so they could analyze and help me forge the nexus I was hoping for.

Their seminar was nothing short of fantastic. I heard one student say “It’s like they’re doing magic” when they started running their drills. Guru Davidson gave us a set of drills to practice which should help us bridge the divide. We video tape everything for reference and Guru Davidson’s material was no exception.

We are still dissecting and perfecting his lessons each day, developing them and finding a better flow each time, teaching our bodies to perform through repetition.

Not only was I looking for help with our training, I was looking to bond a new relationship between our schools, expanding our tribe. In the company of our new Brothers, we found that.

I want to thank them and show respect for the time they traveled and spent with us. We look forward to having them join us again.

My sincere and absolute best,

Kirk Church Alexander Rodrigues.
– Warparty Tradecraft and Toro Clan Niagara


PGL_WEDnesdy said...

yes we lucky to" see that magic"..
guru's method is unique & a beautiful amalgam of different studies ..
our school is Kali-Silat for a reason :) ...
hope to train with you one day..

PGL_WEDnesdy said...

a fact that i really think about a lot ..
GURU is Jupiter in western world..
Jupiter has the highest gravity atmosphere stays there itself ..
we all just lucky to be in the right time and right place..