Sunday, March 30, 2014

Happy Birthday Tito Jun

The instructors and students of Detroit Kali-Silat are very grateful to celebrate another year in the life of one of our revered and cherished mentors: Manong Leon “Tito Jun” Saludo, of Lipa City, Batangas. 

The great Tito Jun is truly a Martial-Gentleman of the proverbial Old School.  A chance meeting (or was it indeed fate?) more than a decade ago in Rochester New York gave me an ENTIRELY new understanding of Kali and knife-fighting – not to mention my own mortality.  As the years passed, our love and respect for this humble “Anti-Martial-Arts Master” would grow, but our fear never diminished one bit! 

Whenever we reflect on the harsh reality of bladed combat, beyond all the flash, hype, and posturing of the pretenders and wanna-be’s, we have the simple, eloquent, yet truly ‘terrible’ example of our Tito Jun and his Way of “Barako Batanguenio”.

Happy Birthday Tito Jun.  May you be Blessed with many, many more in Good Health and Contentment.  We are proud to carry your banner with Honor.  We will never disappoint you.


Guro Jeff Davidson, and the students and instructors of Detroit Kali-Silat   

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