Friday, December 23, 2011

Happy Holidays - PSA

On behalf of my students I would like to wish everyone a safe and joyous Holiday season. May you spend it peacefully in the company of those you love.

Also at this time we would like to bring your attention to an important Community program that we have initiated during this significant time of year called Blades-for-Tots. Your generous donation of dagas, kerambits, badiks, Spyderco folders, Cold Steel tantos, etc., will ensure that the younger generation of Kali enthusiasts -like the eager young man pictured above - will inherit a meaningful legacy when they begin their own Journey in the SE Asian martial arts.

Just imagine the unbounded joy of a little one waking up eagerly on Christmas morning to discover a genuine CRKT M16 or Emerson PUK lovingly placed beside the latest X-Box game in their stocking! Share the warmth. Share the blades.

Blades are currently being accepted now through June 1st, 2012 at the Bothoan Batangas Training Hall.

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Finding The Path said...

I quite like this gift idea; however, I think it important to know that the young students receiving the gift of a knife are truly ready to handle such a gift with integrity and code of honor.

I might consider changing it up a bit by offering... “A Stocking Gift Certificate - Special Event Invitation” for the young student to attend a free unique Kali class with a master, in which the young students would do a bit of fun participating with some training involved, which then at the end of the event/class they would be surprised by the master personally handing them a gift of a knife.

While this might take time on the part of a master, in planning, organizing and leading it, I think it would leave more of a personal lasting impression on a young student.

Quite the handsome little man in the photo. Now I'm thinking one should gift a box of band-aides along side the knife for each participant...

Best Wishes for Success,