Thursday, November 24, 2011

Give Thanks

A long weekend is upon us! Especially ‘round this time of the year I like to take advantage of the short time off from the daily grind for a special period of contemplation and introspection around the theme of Thanksgiving.

Indeed we have much to be thankful for – and I hope you do as well. Acknowledge it. Do express your feelings of Gratitude (in a truly meaningful way) to your own Inner Self; to the Divine; and to the people who have supported you on your journey so far.

I give thanks to my Gurus in all the different parts the World for supporting my elevation patiently and generously. For your criticism and for your praise – and for teaching me the Art of accepting both. Mabuhay!

I give thanks to my Comrades-in-Arms Kuya Doug Marcaida and Ka Jay Saludo for sustaining with vigor the Brotherhood of the Blade. Our Brotherhood. Our Family. Our Ideals. The manifestation of our Vision – to which we have held true without wavering going on 9 years now. Mabuhay!

I give thanks to my students: for your dedication, your hard work, your interest, your desire to know more, your desire to do it better, your discipline, your sacrifice, for representing your Teacher and your Lineage with honor, and for realizing that what we are doing is bigger than all of us. For being the best group of students any Teacher has ever had…Mabuhay!

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Damon said...

We can never repay what you have shown us and for that we are truly thankful!!