Sunday, February 13, 2011

More Class Notes: Silat Melayu

This week we came to appreciate some aspects of the sarong/malong/panyo, and also learned that the old adage about swimming (i.e. don’t do it soon after eating) applies equally to martial arts.

Last week, we established the following:

When you understand and can apply the sequence of petua in forward and reverse order, you have the formulas to begin your own movement and also to shut-down your opponent’s movement. With this in mind the buah are simply examples of how to accomplish this from different entries, footwork, parries, etc.

If you don’t understand this then you’re simply copying movements instead of really using the techniques in the buah, and you’ll have a hard time applying the techniques in a free-fight.

If you do understand this, you can apply the appropriate technique successfully in real time against a resisting opponent, without much of a struggle.

The buah are not complicated and don’t take a long time to learn. You never need “more” buah…you just need to really understand the petua.


Anonymous said...

What if all you can do as a beginner is copy movements?

guro jeff davidson said...

In that case, fake it 'till you make it!

FTP said...

Free-fight meaning?

Your unaware of what kind of movements to expect from your opponent?

An unexpected fight, if you will?

guro jeff davidson said...

Well, free fight meaning more like "sparring" in a class setting.