Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Congratulations are in order for Sgt. Ungyo (aka Panday - and known to certain members of the local Korean community as 'Steve :)' " - pictured above with Tito Jun - who recently passed his re-certification test as an Edged Weapons Master Instructor. Without going into detail, the test involved a full-speed drill against a psychotic instructor wielding a live badik. Under these impossible conditions, we are pleased to report that only one very minor cut "got through".

I daresay that Tito Jun would be proud (of both Ungyo and the badik-wielding psycho).



Anonymous said...

steve - congrats, between you making knives, kicking ass, and keeping the street safe, what can't you do? I look forward to learning from you in the future, you possess the rare quality of not only being able to do martial arts, but you have the patience and skill to be able to teach martial arts.

larry m

Panday said...


My shortcomings are numerous, but thanks for the kind words.