Monday, September 04, 2006

First Tekpi Instructors in the U.S.

The First (and arguably the Best)

From left: Robert Slomkowski; Omar Hakim; Steve Slomkowski; Ricky Rillera; Jeff Davidson


Anonymous said...

To my bro' Ka Jeff,

Congratulations and very well deserved ... more power to the Detroit Maphilindo/Batangeunos!

Your bro' Jay and Tito Jun

Anonymous said...

to "jaafar tekpi"

I hope it is not to late to say "tahniah atas usaha dan kejayaan anda"


lan tekpi

guro jeff davidson said...

Ka Jay:
Brother, i can't wait to come out there and show you guys more Tekpi! Let's try to do it this year.

Cikgu Lan Tekpi:
Terima Kasih! Please send our best regards to all of our Tekpi family in Malaysia.

Jaafar Tekpi