Sunday, February 05, 2006

Abre Kutu...

"When the hot blood of the town still left its panting print in the flagstones of the entrance of the Castle of San Severino, the shots of the troops alarmed the population again; in one of their corridors applied the brujos the Law of Flight"
-La Caricatura, Havana

Kongo mio
ven de lo monte
yo te llamo a laborar
cuando venga, ven despacio
paso a paso a trabajar

yo te llamo y tu respondes
yo te llamo de verdad
yo te llamo con tu mbele
yo te llamo pa jugar

yo te veo en la malesa
trabajando material
con tu cazuela de barro
y tu mpaka pa mirar

tu te llamas “Como Quieras”
tu nombre no quieres dar
lo que querio congo mio
no nos dejes de ayudar...


Anonymous said...

Ok. I'm spooked. Who's the guy on the wall? he looks too much like the remians of the Gimp from Pulp Fiction.

guro jeff davidson said...

Ahhhhh...but you met him already and didn't even realize it!

Anonymous said...

Jeff ,
I thought it was you in the outfit!